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Currently focusing on clinical or laboratory databases for academics and industry


Susan T. Kennedy

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Database Design -- Editing – Transcription – Training

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Clinical Research Investigators’ Evidence Record – C.R.I.E.R. ™



A full database designed for the input and verification of data from investigator-initiated trials 


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                   C.R.I.E.R.-Lite ™


A version of C.R.I.E.R. ™ in an electronic notebook-styled database


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Universal Research Specimen and Laboratory Accounting Log for Access ™ --  U.R.S.A.L.A. ™


A barcode-compatible, streamlined database to track samples and aliquots in real time

(Chain of Custody) 


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Stroke Treatment and Assessment Register ™ - S.T.A.R. ™       


S.T.A.R. ™ is a full C.R.I.E.R. ™ -type database designed to document clinical

outcomes and quality-of-care improvement initiative data and many advanced features.


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Disclaimer:  This software is intended to support organizational needs for INVESTIGATOR-INITIATED TRIALS (IITs) and internal pilot studies.  This software is not intended to replace primary source documentation and may or may not meet requirements needed to support data submissions to the FDA, as conditions will vary depending upon intent and application.  Users should consult with regulatory affairs experts.


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